Quick Sort India

Quick Sort India is an equal-opportunities employer, always caring and creating employment opportunities for qualified professionals in the field of e-publishing. Quick Sort India has a passion for excellence and is a talent-driven company for people to showcase their skills.

Quick Sort India adopts best work practices, provides training and growth opportunities with attractive performance-linked compensation package. HRM team conducts regular training programs to groom employees to sustain rapid growth and capitalize on market potential.

Current Job Openings

Designation Job Code Required Experience No of positions
Copy Editors/Language Editors CE-001 Level 1/2/3 Editing 15 Nos.
ePub & XML Analyst EP-001 3 to 6 yrs 5 Nos.
ePub & XML Executive EP-002 1 to 3 yrs 30 Nos.
Software Developer SE-001 (1-5 yrs) in VB, VBA, .Net, Perl 5 Nos.

Quick Sort India looks out for multi-faceted individuals to add to the ever expanding most valuable asset - our employees. You can be rest assured that each one of the resumes that are received are studied to spot talent and reward it suitably.

Therefore, do take a few minutes to upload your resume by following the link below.